Kaiser (Lohn, SO)


Coat of arms of Kaiser and Lohn-Ammannsegg

Ancestors of Johanna Junod, née Kaiser

Through her father, my research on Johanna KAISER's ancestry goes back to Ursus Kaiser and his wife Anna Hildebrand, who settled in Ammansegg (SO) and were born in the late 1500s (their 8 children are born between 1613 and 1635. They are originally from Ammansegg (SO).

It is likely that they came from the Bernese village of Leuzingen, eager to remain Catholic during the reformation, Ursus having arrived at Ammansegg with his father and, perhaps, his grandfather.

The second son of Ursus and Anna is the base of the Kaiser branch from Biberist (SO), while their great-grandson Stefan and his wife Maria Affolter that of the Kaiser branch from Lohn (SO) where Johanna comes from.

The other descendants of Ursus remained from Ammansegg (SO).

Moser (Arni (BE)

Through her mother, the MOSER ancestry was not deepened beyond the early 1800's, with her great-great grandfather Christian, born around the years 1825-1830.

Jegerlehner (Biglen (BE)

Through her mother, the JEGERLEHNER ancestry goes back in the current state of our research to Abraham around 1750. One of his grandsons, David and his wife Magdalena born Strahm, emigrate to the US around 1851. They settled first at Paint Township, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania and later (1860) in Holmes Co., Ohio (near Winesburg south of Mt. Eaton Church).

Their son Christian settles in Clay City, Indiana where he buys 104 acres of land. The farm will be handed down from father to son and it is currently Alan, his wife Mary and their daughter Kate who own and operate the estate, originally known as "The Swiss Connection" and now as "The Farm Connection " (see link below).

We are in contact with several descendants of David Jegerlehner in the USA where the surname has changed to Yegerlehner, Yagerlehner, Yager-lehner, Yagerline and Yeagerline.