Other Junod origins researched

Canton (State) of Grisons


A lineage acquired the origin of the village of Riein in the canton of Grisons, near Chur, towards the end of the 17th, beginning of the 18th.

Research to determine their previous origin, either in the canton of Vaud or in that of Neuchâtel are made difficult by the destruction of the village archives in the middle of the 19th century.

To date, no element allowing to link this line has been found.

The descendants of this line live for the most part in Italy, France and the USA.

Link on the site of the commune of Riein

Eternoz (France)


Surveys carried out in France, in the USA or in other countries indicate a Swiss origin of the JUNOD families in a rather general way. For some Junod families residing in the USA, the fact that their ancestors emigrated to the USA after a stay in France - or simply having crossed this country in order to embark at Le Havre - has sometimes launched the legend of a French origin.

As for the JUNOT spelling, which is mainly found in France, the origin of these families is not yet known to me. It is interesting to note that this spelling is much less widespread than that ending with the letter "D" and that a transcription error is possible, having noted this case (XVIIIth century), transforming a JUNOD into JUNOT.

In all likelihood, only one branch of which the Swiss lineage has not yet been confirmed at this date and is still the subject of research is the one originally from Eternoz (Doubs), up to the 1600's Claude " Junoz "and who still has many descendants today.

This work is the result of long research conducted by Marie Thérèse Junod and Michel Junod.
Link on Eternoz (Wikipédia)

Canton (State) of VAUD


The presence of the Junods at Sainte-Croix dates back to 1397 according to the Vaudois Family Book (Lausanne, 1923, p.247).

Several works exist (source: Archives Cantonales Vaudoises - ACV):

  • Raoul Campiche, Genealogical notes on the old bourgeois families of Holy Cross, (ACV, P Campiche 131).
  • Genealogy of the bourgeois families of Sainte-Croix 1500-1700, notary Bornand in the early eighteenth century before the fire of the parish registers (Archives communales de Sainte-Croix or photo copy on microfilm LCA, Ea 28).
  • File of the surnames said "File Chastellain" covering the period from 1561 to 1821 (microfilm - ACV, ZC 1).
  • Louis Junod published "People of Holy Cross and People of Bullet in 1550" in the Vaud Historical Review 50, 1942, pp. 41-48, a study based on the size of 1550, which gives the name and fortune of all heads of families of that time (ACV, Bp 16), and which lists 15 households headed by the family name Junod Genaud, Geneux or Genoud (these four names are not yet dissociable). A generalogical tree would also be available, from the same author, to LCA

I am not able to respond to requests related to this family, having not undertaken research on it - staying focused on the Junod Neuchâtel families.

That being so, the enthusiast who has undertaken such research can contact me : I'd be only pleased to insert a tree of the first generations and indicate a link to him (her).