Ukraine – Kiev

Joseph Junodnamed "Lucien" was born on 15 janvier 1825 in Nernier, France. He leaves the Canton of Neuchâtel, to work for Prince Otto von Bismarck where he meets his wife, Suzanne Petitmaître of Yverdon, nurse of the Prince's children.

From there, the couple left for Ukraine where Lucien becomes superindendant (living in Odessa at the birth of their daughter Anna Henriette), before returning to Switzerland for the birth of 3 of their 4 children : Jean Lucien, Charles Prosper and Georges Henri (their 4th child, Anna Henriette, born in Chabag, died there, a few days after birth).

Soon after, Lucien and Suzanne, along with Jean Lucien and Georges Henri returned to Ukrainia, leaving behind Charles Prosper who remained (and his descendants) in Switzerland.


Jean Lucien Junod (1853-1920) married Matriena Iwanowna Schalapoutoff (1862-1938). They had 6 children (Victor, Nicolas, Alois, Olga, Monia and Boris)..

He died Kiev, Ukraine


Charles Prosper Junod (1856-1903) married Lina Kautz (1862 - 1943). They had 3 children (Charles Alexandre, Mathilde and Amélie).

He died in Viège / Visp (VS).


Georges Henri Junod (1864 - 1933) married Nadjejda Philipowa Dolobki (born ca 1854). They had 3 children (Vladimir, Vera et Zinaïde).

He died in Mironovka, Oblast of Belgorod, Russia.

The information on this branch was sourced:

  • For ascendance, essentially Lignières Civil registrar and the Neuchâtel State Archives
  • For descendance, from the descendants of Charles Prosper

I would very much like to enter in contact with descendants of the branches that settled in Kiev, for some now in South America. Please contact me.