Presence in Lignières before 1535

Memorandum of the rights that those of Lignières have on a certain district of wood behind the sovereignty of the Mountain of Diesse

(Extract, AEN, CC1)

This document found at the Neuchâtel State Archives (AEN) and dating from 1751, confirms our presence in Lignières before 1535 :

"To have a fair idea of the origin of this right in question, it should be noted that before the year 1535, there were two kinds of inhabitants in the village of Lignières :

A) Men and families belonging to a Lord Count of Neufchâtel,

B) Men and families belonging to a Lord Bishop of Basel :

  1. TheGauchat
  2. The Simon
  3. The Chiffelle
  4. The Chanel
  5. The Junod
  6. The Bonjour in part
  7. The Perrin
  8. The Berrudet
  9. The Faigot

These last three families are now extinct, so that only the first five and part of the sixth remain today.

These families were in the language then called (in French) "People of the Church of Basel", as said church was present in various places as in Nidau, Gleresse, Douane, Düschers, Alfermée and these people were subject of to go to War at the orders of a Lord Bishop of Basel, at the Collectations, fines, chores etc.

And on the other hand, the said Lord Bishop was obliged to protect them, to have them administer Justice, and among others to provide them with the facilities of life for their sustenance and preservation.