Argentina – San Carlos, Santa Fe


Fédéric Louis Junod, born December 15, 1837 and died in San Carlos March 8, 1880, left Switzerland around 1860-1863, for Argentina.

He married in San Carlos on March 17, 1864, Julie Anne (Julia Annanda) Ramseyer (1840 -?) With whom he will have 2 sons and 4 daughters. In Argentina, his first names become "Frederico Luis".

The sources of information concerning this branch come mainly from:

  • Ancestors : marital status of Lignières, State Archives Neuchâtel
  • Descendants: at the church IGLESIA VALDENSE (Protestant Parish) of San Carlos SUD, Provincia de Santa Fe

The latter transmitted by ASOCIACION SUIZA GERMANA of San Carlos Centro, Provincia de Santa Fe and whose secretary, Dra. Monica Ester Ramseyer is none other than a descendant of Frédéric Louis's in-laws.


I am looking for information on the children of Frederic Louis and their possible descendants. Please contact me if you have any additional information.