Historical overview, XIXth century until 1995

XIXth Century - The principalty of Neuchâtel back in the hands of the french

The Principalty of Neuchâtel (of which depended Lignières) was officially handed over in 1806 by his Majesty, the Emperor of France and Italy to His Excellency the Prince Alexandre Berthier. The Government requested that any who occupied an official function be swarn to Obedience to the new Ruler.

1827 Permission to hold an Inn in the House of Commune
(AEN 914-CH/NE/09)

Frédéric Guillaume of Zastrow, Infantery General and State Ministre of the King (Frédéric Guillaume III King of Prussia) authorises an Inn to open in Lignières this 27th day of November 1827.


Major fire in Lignières

On the 29th Novembre, the fire destroyed 28 houses, lived in by 34 families, in the best area of the village. Total losses were estimated at Fr. 108'558.-.

First Postale messenger
(Document PTT/NE)

J.P. Gauchat has 3 rounds per week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. His salary was 3 "Louis d'Or" per Year.

He is replaced in 1848 by M. Bonjour.

Lignières has 435 cattle heads and nearly 300 Sheep.


Very strong winter : Trying to go over the "Vue des Alpes" pass, Alcide Junod had to turn back, in front of snow walls as high as 18 to 21 feet.


A Society for the making of Cheese is organised in Lignières (34 associate members).

The Historical & Archeological Society of Neuchâtel meets in Lignières. (MN 1897, 237)

XXXIIIth Summer Main Session in Lignières, Thursday 9th Septembre 1897

Presidency : M. Alfred de Chambrier

Proceedings (extracts)

The Session takes place in the Church. It is opened at 10h30 by M. the President...

Fifteen candidates are presents and admitted. They are (NB : I listed only those from Lignières) :

Bonjour, Ad. Former professor
Cosandier Aug, Justice of Peace
Descombes Henri
Frick Auguste, Pastor (indépendant church)
Junod, Eug. Hotel Manager
Rollier Philippe, Pastor

A banquet for 120 people is served à the Commune Inn.


Every evening, the labour cattle is brought out to the Pasture of Vorgneux, near the village, where they spend the night, when the weather permits. Cows and Heifer and brought to the Pasture of The Pâquiers, East of the Village. Shepherds are paid as follows : The one of the Pasture of Vorgneux receives Fr. 2.- for each pair of head (80 pairs in 1899) and the one of the cows Fr. 1.50 per cow, as he brings them out at 4 AM and back at 6AM, to take them out again from 7PM to 9PM(...)

XXth Century - Introduction of Income Taxes


Income tax is introduced.

Until then, exploiting the Forest covered all cost.


The 23rd of June 1972 : Inauguration of the Children's home "Les Pipolets" in Lignières

Renovated and larger, the home can now take 35 babies and children upto the age of 15.

20 Years ago, the "Pipolets" welcomed children with Tuberculosis. Today, most of them come from Family circles that are devaforised or where disorder takes place. The Home also welcomes children that have difficulties at School.


Inauguration of the Extension of the Camping and the new Swimming Pool
(Courrier du Vignoble, 23 avril 1976)

The Camping now occupies a surface, including the Pool, of 90'000m2. It includes all modern facilities : a Restaurant with a Groceries section, Showers & Toilets, Reception, etc.

In addition, the Pool, with depth ranging from 1m1 to 1m50, is bordered with Grass and Trees, as is the rest of the Camping.


Inauguration of the new School of Lignières
(Courrier du Vignoble 6.10.1978)

Lignières, for the first time since 140 Years, will inaugurate a new School. The complex is made of 2 buildings. One for the Classrooms and one for the Gymnastic Hall, that can be converted into a Hall for Spectacles (Theatre, Cinema, Concerts, etc.).


The 25 Years of the Summer Camp
(FAN-L'EXPRESS of the 31st August 1995)

For 25 Years now, volunteers offer to the kids of Lignières the possibility to participate to a one week Camp, with great Success : this Year 80 children participated to this exciting adventure.../syg

75th Anniversary for the Lignières Cattle Owners Syndicate
(Bulletin des communes of 9th September 1995)

A great Feast will mark this event, with of course a Cattle competition, but also a special Area dedicated to the Children, with Calfs, Cows, Porcs, Ducks, Sheep, Foals and Goats, that will await all of them, small or tall...

Food and Dance will also ensure for a great time, late into the night.