Edith Matthey-Junod "Ma vie à Chaumont"

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Edith Mathilde Junod (23.12.1919 - 11.04.2012)

92 years of life, here is traced part of the destiny of Edith Matthey born Junod in Chaumont above Neuchâtel, originating from Lignières.

Preserving a number of documents about her family, Edith has constantly noted anecdotes, moments of life and was always quick to tell her childhood in Chaumont, then her life in Neuchâtel, Cressier, Enges, Basel during the war and finally Savagnier where she lived for more than sixty-five years.

It seemed to me opportune, in these times when everything is going so quickly, to return a little to this past, without nostalgia, but not forgetting that, as Jean Anouilh said:

It's in the memories that things take their true place.

Edith had given me her permission to publish her memoirs, so I hope I have respected her text as closely as possible.

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96 pages book, format 14.8 x 21 cm, published by Attinger Publishing on November 18, 2014, French.

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