Surnames information

The Répertoire des noms de famille suisses has become an essential on line standard reference. Representing the status as of the year 1962, it provides a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all the families holding citizenship in a Swiss community. Each entry contains information on the place of origin (i.e. community of citizenship), time of naturalisation as well as previous place or country of origin. This site offers free access to some 48'500 entries, as compiled in the third edition of the "Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz" (Schulthess Polygraphischer Verlag, Zurich 1989).

The list of surnames below is from my complete list "Familles alliées de par le monde", summarises the main surnames for which I have more information.

JunodLignières, NE1300incl. emigration
JunodAuvenier, NE1480incl. emigration
JunodTravers, NE1420incl. emigration
JunodEternoz (25), France1650only Junod line with no proof of Swiss origin
JunodNods, BE1540extinct, base of those from Lignières and Wavre, NE
JunodRiein, GR1800branch where its origin in Cantons of NE or VD is not yet established
JunodSavagnier, NE1420extinct
JunodCornaux, NE1450extinct
AbitzAllemagne1870branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
BarbierBoudry, NE1554fragments
BéguinRochefort, NE1650fragments
BergerEclépens, VD1712fragments
BergesItter, Essen, Allemagne1840branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
BerthoudFleurier, NE1550fragments
BlöschMörigen, BE1713branch that settled in Lignières, NE
BonjourLignières, NE1650incl. USA emigration
BorelCouvert & Neuchâtel, NE-fragments
BorioliLugano, TI1780branch that settled in Canton of Neuchâtel, NE
BosseAllemagne1860branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
BotteronNods, BE1540fragments on families that settled in the region of Lignières, NE
BourquinDiesse, Villeret, BE-fragments
BovetFleurier, NE1594fragments
BrüneGlashütte i. Sachsen, Allemagne1800and allied families such as Beyrich, Stulz, Schröder etc.
BrunkowDoelitz, Allemagne1831branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
BrunnerUetendorf, BE1730branch that settled in Bevaix, NE
CellierNods, NE1480descendants from Junod and Tschiffeli families
ChamotLa Chaux s/Cossonay, VD1770allied to Junod, Guex etc.
ChiffelleLignières, NE1300fragments of families that settled in Nods, BE and later in Lignières, NE
ComtesseLa Sagne & Les Ponts-de-Martels, NE1400extracts from research by colonel Comtesse, families that settled in Bevaix, NE
de ChambrierNeuchâtel, NE1490fragments
de CoulonNeuchâtel, NE1657fragments
de MeuronNeuchâtel, NE1400fragments
de MontmollinMontmollin, NE1450fragments
de PourtalèsNeuchâtel, NE1480fragments
de RougemontSaint-Aubin, Sauges, Travers, Buttes, Noiraigues, Neuchâtel, NE1520fragments
DescombesLignières, NE1670families/ascendants allied with Junod + USA emigration
DesplandGrandson, VD1680branch that settled in Fresens and Bevaix, NE
DuboisButtes & Colombier, NE1670fragments
Du PasquierFleurier, NE1360fragments
FalletDombresson, NE1550families/ascendants allied with Junod
FauguelBevaix, NE & Concise, VD1680initially "Vogel" from Wohlen and Seedorf, BE
GauchatLignières, NE1670families/ascendants allied with Junod
GeiserLangenthal, BE-fragments
GrafGlattfelden, ZH1864branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
HenryCortaillod, NE1800branch that settled in Bevaix, NE
Humbert-DrozLe Locle & La Chaux-de-Fonds1400branch that settled in Lignières, NE
JeanmonodProvence, VD1750branch that settled in Bevaix, NE + USA emigration
JeanneretLe Locle & Les Ponts-de-Martels, NE1750branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
JegerlehnerBiglen, BE1750allied with Kaiser + USA emigration
JospinBelgique, France, Suisse1694fragments
KaiserLohn, Ammannsegg, SO1610allied with Junod
KoltermanDoelitz, Allemagne1800branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
KriegRadelfingen & La Neuveville, BE1750branch that settled in Lignières, NE
KufahlAllemagne1874branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
LöffelMünstchemier, BE1769branch that settled in Lignières and Bevaix, NE
LuterbacherLohn, SO1640allied with Kaiser
MartenAllemagne1830branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
MartinSainte-Croix, VD1800fragments
Meiller/MellierBevaix, NE1560allied with Junod + USA & Australia emigration
MoserArni, BE1800allied with Kaiser
RacineLamboing, BE1650fragments
RibauxBevaix, NE1350allied with most Bevaix, NE families
SchürchRohrbach, BE1620allied with Kaiser
SimonLignières, NE1650allied with Junod + USA emigration
StaufferRotenbach, BE1750allied with Junod
StrawnAngleterre1680branch that settled in Ohio, initial surname : Straughan
SurdezLe Peuchapatte, JU1846branch that settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Tardin, TardentOrmont-Dessous, VD, La Roche, FR, Treyvaux, FR1500fragments
TeskeLandslow, Pomerania, D1819descendance of Michael, who settled in the area of Onaga, KS, USA
TessendorfDoelitz, D1795descendance of Michael Friedrich, who settled in the area of Onaga, KS, USA
TinembartBevaix, NE1835descendants of Constant and Susanne, née Mentha
Tschiffely, Tschiffeli, SchiffleySursee, LU, Nods, BE1300fragments, y.c. USA emigration
YegerlehnerBiglen, BE1870same family as Jegerlehner , different US spelling
ZabelDoelitz, D1818descendance of Christopher Daniel, who settled in the area of Onaga, KS, USA