Research and DNA

DNA analysis for Genealogy purposes


In 2012, the participation (since 2007) in a genealogy program based on DNA analysis (FamilyTree DNA) marked a major turning point in my research, having made it possible to establish that the JUNODs of Lignières come from the neighboring village of Nods, just like the CELLIER families (today from La Neuveville) and of which we share the same ancestor, a certain "Jehan Junod-dit-Seyllier" (or Sallier) of Nods. The lineages separated into CELLIER and JUNOD shortly before 1500.

Even more surprising, the fact that about 150 years earlier, we separated this time from a CHIFFELLE and his wife JUNOD: part of their children continued under the surname CHIFFELLE, others under that of JUNOD. The grandfather of this CHIFFELLE alias JUNOD, Hans TSCHIFFELY and his wife Kathrina VON RONSENEGG, came from Sursee (LU) and settled in Nods in the 14th century.

A genealogy research dating back to 1608 suggests that the ancestor of TSCHIFFELY from Sursee emigrated from southern Italy in the 13th century : CIPELLI or CIFELLI, CIPHELLI from the Napolitain region were the ancestors of CHIFFELLE, TSCHIFFELY, SCHIFLEY, CELLIER and JUNOD (source in German).

We are looking for male descendants bearing the name CIPELLI, CIFELLI or CIPHELLI who would accept to take a DNA test (simple and anonymous). Please contact me.

Nicolas Junod
ADN-Y Haplogr. E1b1b1a1b1a1, E-V13 (V36), S7461 - mtADN Haplogr. H1n-T146C!