Welcome on these pages, dedicated to the genealogy and history of the Junod from Lignières (Switzerland), a passion since 25 years.

Launched in August 1993, my research, initially limited to the genealogy of the Junod families from the canton of Neuchâtel, gradually extended to all families allied from – or settled in – Lignières and Bevaix in the canton of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) as well as in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA), Athens, Ohio (USA), Indiana (USA) and their respective allied families.

As of mid March 2018, the result represents events linked to more than 89’000 people, 56’400 families, 16850 different surnames in more than 12’400 localities since the 1300s.

The family tree of the descendants of Hans Tschiffeli (born around 1300 and from which came the Junod, Chiffelle and Cellier) – printed from top to bottom – today would measure more than 200 meters long and 1m50 high (22 generations / 7000 boxes) for about 12’000 people.

This work of genealogy is completed by various documents on Lignières, recorded in the Archives of the village, the canton but also in the archives of the Evéché Basel Porrentruy which resulted in a “Chronology of the History of Lignières of the 12th century to 1978 more than 200 pages, given to the Fondation de l’Hôtel de Commune de Lignières (French) as a contribution to their historical work on our village of origin.

Several trips to France and the United States (California, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio) allowed me to meet descendants of distant cousins ​​Junod who emigrated, with the opportunity to discover other cultures and ideas, all very rewarding.

It is always with pleasure that I receive and guide our cousins ​​who have come to discover their roots here in Neuchâtel.

This site, originally designed in French, is widely translated into English. Some pages on foreign links are obviously not in English, just as some pages of this site are only available in the English version.

I wish you an excellent visit and invite you to send me complements and / or corrections using the contact form on the left.

Nicolas Junod