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Around 1850, a few members of the Bonjour family of Lignières, NE, emigrated to the USA. They settled in Nemaha County, founded a township and, when time was ready to open a Post Office, named it Neuchatel, in memory of their home county.

The information on this family was sourced essentially from documents found in the State Archives of Neuchâtel, as well as from living descendants of this Branch in the USA.

In 1878, Neuchatel township had a population of 392, down to 117 at the 2000 Census!

Where is Neuchatel? Here is a link that should help you: click here.

As of 1876, a member of our family, Paul Aimé Junod (1846-1918) joined this community His departure is delayed by the sudden death of his first wife, Hortense Victoire Samson.

First Emigrated in 1876, he came back to Switzerland, married Sophie Bertha Bonjour (1850-1930) and together came to settle in Neuchatel, Nemaha, KS in 1877 with his three sons, from Paul Aimé's first marriage.

On this second voyage, he was accompanied by cousins Alexandre Junod (1843-1923), Alfred, Aimé and Zélim Bonjour.

Paul Aimé
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Aimé (Paul-Aimé's father) had 4 daughters of a first marriage. One of them, Louise Aimée (1822-1877) married Ferdinand Auguste Bonjour (1823-1863) and one of their children was Zélim Auguste (1848-1913) who also settled in Neuchatel, KS.

Paul Aimé first lived a year in the house that was to become the one of Charles Bonjour, before buying the one that would later be the house of Zélim Bonjour.

Ancestors of Paul Aimé Junod:

Below a picture taken in March 2013 in Lignières, of the old family farmhouse called "Les Broües" and purchased by Jean-Pierre Junod, the great-great grand father of Paul Aimé on the 12 February 1724, for 150 écus (click to enlarge).

Ancestors table - 4 generations


Initial Events in Neuchatel, KS

  • First settlements in Neuchatel, KS : spring of 1857, Charles Adolphe, Ami E. Bonjour and D. S. Veale
  • First church : 1871, Presbyterian
  • First school house : a log house, built by the settlers, date not given, between 1857 and 1866
  • First marriage : 1863, Charles Auguste Bonjour and Louise Zürcher
  • First birth : Charles Ami Bonjour, September 20, 1857
  • First business : General store, 1867, A. Bonjour & Co.
  • First post office : Neuchatel, 8th August 1864, Alfred Bonjour, postmaster (closed 15 May 1901)
  • Neuchatel population in 1878 : 392
  • Neuchatel population in 2000 : 117 (density 1/km2)

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Visiting our distant cousins...

I visited Neuchatel & Onaga in 1995, 1997, 2003 and in July, 2010.

A special word of appreciation Kirk Junod for his hospitality (2010), his family (Peggy, Logan, Mary, Matt); Merle & Lawrence Bonjour (the "Bonjour boys"); Wilbur & Norma Jeanneret; Joan Kolterman-Kuehl and her family; Walter "Buba" Junod of Soldier, KS and his tasty beefburgers; Bob Mars and Joe Harder; not to forget Paula, Michelle and Jim Brand in Kearney (and their hospitality) and the Hallier family. Time went all too fast....

In 2010, I took the opportunity to visit Leeton (MO) where I met some of the descendants of the Descombes and Gauchat families from Lignières, established in this region, just 4 hours away from Neuchatel, KS. Many thanks to Bob Wyatt, Junior Gauchat, Larry Descombes and their families.

The March 2003 trip gave me the opportunity to spend a day and a half in Des Moines, Iowa, where a branch of this Neuchatel Kansas family settled back in 1947. Great time spent with real nice people: warmest Thanks Michelle, Stan, Steven, Sharon, Suzy - also Francis and Doris Kuehl of Onaga, KS and their families for the friendship and great hospitality !