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Jean Louis, Cécile Jutzeler & their children

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Jean Louis Junod
2 Mar 1826 - 26 Mar 1898

The youngest of 12 children, Jean Louis worked as an engraver in the Swiss watch-making industry. He married Cécile Jutzeler in Geneva on Jan 8, 1859.
He remained in Switzerland with oldest daughter Marie when the rest of his children migrated to the United States. He spent the last years of his life in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, county Neuchâtel.


Cécile Jutzeler
7 Jan 1832 - 10 Jun 1921

Born in Le Locle (Neuchâtel county) but originating from Erlenbach, (b. Spiez - county Bern), Cécile was raised in La-Chaux-de-Fond (Neuchâtel county).
She later migrated south to Geneva where she and husband Jean Louis Junod raised their family. A teacher, she was widely traveled by the time she settled in the United States in Enid, Oklahoma around 1890. She lived there with her daughter Leah until her death at the age of 89.


Louis Jules
7 Oct 1859 - 21 Feb 1913

Louis Jules Junod (b. 9/7/1859) arrived in New York from Le Havre aboard the SS La Bretagne on March 28, 1887. He lists his occupation as sculptor.
Applied for US citizenship 11 Apr 1887, granted 22 Mar 1894, State of Louisiana, District court for the Parish of Orleans.
Married to Louis Alix Guyot Boitel


Louis Marc
27 Jun 1863 - 17 Oct 1898

Louis Marc immigrated to the United States around 1884, settling first in Mandeville, Louisiana, then around 1893 moving to New Orleans. An artist and sculptor by trade, he lived near, and worked with his older brother Louis Jules. Married to (1) Louise Alphonse and (2) Georgiana Berthe Louise Allen. He died a victim of one of New Orleans' frequent yellow fever epidemics.


19 Dec 1864 - 10 Mar 1956

Louis arrived in New York from Le Havre aboard the SS Ville de Marseille on February 21, 1881. Was postman in a village in Oklahoma named "Junod". When leaving Switzerland at the age of 16 (working in a bank), he settled in Michigan and Wisconsin. Leaving his wife Grace and his children in Oklahoma, he returns to Geneva (Switzerland) in 1913 to work as printer for 6 years, before returning to Oklahoma after the war and settled in Wichita, KS where he was a jeweler or watchmaker.
Married to (1) Ida Patraw, (2) Anna Kristina Oberg, (3) Mary ?, (4) Grace May West


23 Feb 1866 - 15 Oct 1959
Married to Emile Arthur Schlunegger, Marie remained in Switzerland.

5 May 1874- 20 Apr 1960
Leah first arrived in the U.S. in 1882 as a child aboard the S.S. St. Laurent. She was a graduate of the American School of Osteopathy(now The Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine) in Kirksville, Missouri. Leah had her own practice in Enid, Oklahoma, where she lived with her husband Henry Clay Gillett, and her mother Cécile Jutzeler Junod.